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The To the Moon Wiki is a fan resource for the Sigmund Corp. series, an adventure game series by Freebird Games.


The To the Moon Wiki was created in December 2011 by Makatak7. Less than a month later, the founder abandoned the wiki.[1] In June 2014, the wiki was adopted by another member of the Wikia community, AnitaPeeta.[2] Anita made over 300 edits overall in the span of nearly a year and added several customized achievement icons. However, they also left the wiki to fend for itself.[3]

MavikVCT petitioned to adopt the wiki in May 2016 and became a bureaucrat.[4] While they were active, they made several major contributions to the wiki including creating this page and the To-Do List. MavikVCT appointed Feryandi as an administrator in July on the same year before they went inactive in December to tend to other wikis.[5][6]

In their short period of activity (spanning less than a month), Feryandi made significant contributions, including the provision of many images from the To the Moon source files as well as the wiki's current background image. Feryandi briefly returned in early 2018 to upload more images, but hasn't edited since their last addition on April 2nd that year.[7]

The wiki didn't see any sustained editing for the next three years before Hynaft adopted it in August 2021.[8] She has made over 500 edits in total, including 250 article edits, and improved the look of templates including the Quote and Stub templates.[9][10]


This list is based on the users' rights and contributions.


  • Hynaft - bureaucrat and sysop (2021-present)
  • Feryandi - chat moderator (2016-present), formerly sysop (2016-2018)
  • Makatak7 - bureaucrat and founder (inactive since 2011)


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