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Hynaft Hynaft 3 October 2021

Basic Editing Guidelines

Heya! If you're interested in editing the wiki, do make sure you've read these guidelines thoroughly. This wiki is in need of sustained editing and hopefully this guide can help new editors to contribute.

  • 1 In general
  • 2 Creating a new article
  • 3 Adding content to an article
  • 4 Uploading files

  • Use your common sense. If you believe the content is appropriate, then go ahead and add it!
  • Add everything you know. This wiki lacks a lot of content right now (especially the Locations and IF info) and that needs to change. You don't have to add comprehensive histories or in-depth analysis about character personalities, even summaries or bits of information could really help readers enjoy the site. A wiki is the work of a community, it isn't conjured overnight by…

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Hynaft Hynaft 3 October 2021

Wiki Update: A new template for spoilers

Hi everyone! I created a new template for spoilers, which is called... (drumroll) the Collapsible template. Yeah, the name's kinda dumb and I might redirect it to the Spoiler template page instead, which would probably be moved to a new hatnote template if that happens.

The small text (click [Expand] to show) is automatically shown there. The title text is also automatically set in bold and underlined. All you have to add is the title and the body text like below:

Let me know what you think or if you have any improvement ideas. So far I've found it very useful to conceal major spoilers from IF.

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Hynaft Hynaft 21 August 2021

Wiki Update: Themes!

Hi everyone! I recently updated the wiki's look, and now it has a proper dark theme!

  • Dark theme: added thematic colors and a brand-new background image
  • Light theme: fixed background layout and minor color tweaks

If you have any complaints or suggestions, just let me know.

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AnitaPeeta AnitaPeeta 8 June 2014

Renew of To The Moon wiki!

Basically this is dead. D-E-A-D. i came here to bring it back to life :)

I am trying to add information and improve pages and add something is its missing,I also try to add pictures.

I hope this wiki will be alive again and not abandoned just like now.

Your'e free to help,help is always good. :)


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