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The Clinic is a location in To the Moon. It appears in one of Johnny's adult-age memories, where River's mental condition was diagnosed.


The player teleports to this area via the Handbag memento from the memory where Johnny and River went horseback riding at the Ranch. This memory is followed by the memory of Johnny and River's first date at the Cinema, connected by the Clock memento.


Here, River was diagnosed with some kind of pervasive developmental disorder by Dr. Lee. The condition is heavily implied to be Asperger's syndrome: when River asked if the doctor had any books on her condition, he gave her a book by Tony Attwood, a real life English psychologist based in Queensland, Australia, who authored numerous books and resource papers on the condition.[1] After giving her the book, Dr. Lee advised that Johnny read it as well; however, he refused. Dr. Lee then recommended that River undergo equine therapy at the ranch just north of the clinic.

This memory also revealed that clock ticking made River uncomfortable, which explains why the clocks in the Wyles' Cliff House are soundless.