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Dr. Rosalene
"The ending isn't any more important than any of the moments leading to it. The important thing is that over here, they are happy."

Dr. Eva Rosalene is one of the two main playable characters in the series alongside Dr. Neil Watts and the main protagonist. Neil is her partner at Sigmund Corporation, a company that specializes at fulfilling wishes of dying people by changing their past memories. Her official title at the company is Senior Memory Traversal Agent.


Early life[]

Not much is known about Eva's early life. There is hardly any in-game dialogue that references her childhood or adolescence, perhaps due to her tendency to keep her personal life out of work.

Work at Sigmund Corporation[]

Eva has worked for the company for several years prior to the events of To the Moon. Contrary to Neil, who works at Sigmund for the money, she wanted to work there because she thought that fulfilling wishes was respectable. However, she harbors doubts whether it is true, especially as the employees are confronted by sheer public opposition towards the company's practices, as told in the Sigmund Minisodes.


Eva is a young, dark-skinned woman who has brown eyes and long, straight black hair that she invariably wears down. Her white coat is trimmed with gold at the collar, cuffs and skirt.


Eva has a mature and practical demeanor. At work, she prefers to go by the books, and gets irritated easily by Neil's childish behavior. She hates to waste time and is usually the first to get the team moving forward. She is also quick to make sensible decisions and willing to take significant risks if it ensures that her job is done properly.

A detail-oriented person, Eva is able to assess her surroundings and draw certain conclusions simply by noticing things. This trait is consistent in the series: for example, in To the Moon, she deduces that Johnny has a sibling when she sees his bunk bed; in Finding Paradise, she notices that something is off about Faye and eventually figures out why. This trait, combined with her knowledge on the human psychology, often helps her understand people's behavior in the job.

Eva is suggested to have obsessive-compulsive personality disorder early in Finding Paradise when one of the doctors inspects Colin's apartment. In the bathroom, there is a roll of toilet paper which is placed on the countertop instead of the toilet paper dispenser - if Neil sees it and Eva hasn't left the apartment floor, he tells her about it over the phone. She would rush over and move the roll to its proper place, and tell Neil off for "abusing [her] OCD".

Eva seems to care a lot about general health and is intent on managing her own. She points out that candy canes are "bad calories" when Sarah and Tommy asks her to fetch it up the high shelf in To the Moon. In Sigmund Minisode 2, she also wrote in her diary (which Neil can read in her office if she didn't lock it away previously) that she hadn't been eating enough vegetables. Additionally, Eva also knows a fair bit about plants. In the same diary entry, she mentions her garden, and how she hasn't been able to tend to it due to the cold season and busy months. She also recognizes the tropical hibiscus flower in Finding Paradise.

With her colleagues at Sigmund, she maintains a warm but professional relationship. She prefers keeping separate her personal and professional life, and generally doesn't bother getting involved in other people's business, either.

She usually acts lawfully and condemns people who drag her into legal problems. There are exceptions to this, such as when she knows for sure that the law isn't strictly enforced. When it comes down to it, though, she may let others make the choice for her, as shown at the end of Finding Paradise, where Neil suggests Faye take control of Colin's memories.


Neil Watts[]

Neil is Eva's partner at Sigmund Corporation. They knew each other at high school, as demonstrated by their dialogue at the start of To the Moon when Neil goes to explore Johnny's house. They have both been employed at Sigmund for years. Their interactions in the series suggest that they are close, likely due to years of working together; however, Eva keeps her attitude towards Neil mostly professional. In the job, while Eva favors following the contract and doing things the right way, Neil is more emotionally driven when dealing with the patients' wants and needs, at times relying on unconventional methods, creating a dynamic contrast between the two. Eva often blames Neil for the trouble she's gotten at work; for instance, in Finding Paradise, when she is chosen to help Potato with her doll, Eva mentions that she's had too many lawsuit threats because of his antics. She nevertheless has saved Neil from getting fired several times as mentioned in Sigmund Minisode 1.


In Sigmund Minisode 2, it is revealed that Eva has a sister, Traci, whom she visits regularly for Christmas. Traci is married to a man named Aaron, who works for a company, and they have a son, Jamie, who is in his teenage years at the time the minisode takes place. Eva and Traci maintain a kind relationship, albeit distant due to Eva's busy schedule.


  • She frequently uses vegetable names as swear words.
  • In To the Moon, if Eva goes to the lighthouse with Sarah and Tommy, she gets a call from Neil, and her ringtone is in the tune of The Mirror Lied theme song. (The Mirror Lied is another game from Freebird Games.) Sarah asks her why she has a creepy ringtone, and she replies, "'Cause it scares the monsters away."
    • At the post-credits scene where she gets a call from the company, her ringtone has changed to a new one. It is in the melody of one of To the Moon's tracks, "Moonwisher", which plays at the scene where Johnny is grieving at River's grave.
  • She is a big fan of jellyfish.
  • In the Impostor Factory teaser trailer, Eva dreams about five of her co-workers onstage for a dance concert. When she wakes up, her room is revealed to have a poster of five people posing in the same uniform, implying that she is a fan of a boy group.
  • In the same trailer, she uses a black touchscreen phone instead of the pink flip phone she used throughout the series. Her ringtone is still the one akin to "Moonwisher".