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Faye (to Colin)
"In my own way. . . You know I will always be there to protect you."

Faye is a major character in Finding Paradise. Initially, she seems to be Colin Reeds' childhood friend, but is later revealed to be a figment of Colin's imagination. She returns in Impostor Factory as a major character.

Appearance and Personality[]

Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Faye had shoulder length brown hair, with a portion of it tied into a small ponytail. Her eyes were a vibrant green, and her skin was fair. As a young adult, Faye could be seeing wearing a brown dress with a blue waistband. Her hair was much longer, and she kept it tied back into a long ponytail. She did not appear to age at all after becoming a young adult.

As a kid, Faye was shown to be friendly, talented, clever, and funny.

As a young adult, Faye was shown to have developed a more mature, almost motherly personality while still retaining her love of teasing and hanging out with Colin. As revealed in the Paper Memories comic, Faye initially disproved of Colin's relationship with Sofia, possibly out of jealously. However, after realizing just how happy Colin was with the girl, and how he was finally taking control of his own life, she supported the relationship wholeheartedly.

When Faye realized that Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene were attempting to alter Colin's memories, she became defensive and antagonistic. Faye went through great lengths to "defend" Colin's memories, claiming that she wouldn't let the scientists erase one of Colin's only happy memories; herself. Ultimately she relented, after being promised by Dr. Watts that they only wanted to help Colin.

At the end of the game, an image of Faye appeared on Dr. Watts' terminal screen, hinting that Faye's memory may not have "died" off with Colin and that she may be continuing to live on within Dr. Watts' terminal.

Spoiler: Impostor Factory ending (click [Expand] to show)
This is later revealed to be true in Impostor Factory, where Faye is revealed to have been downloaded and living as a powerful entity within Dr. Watts' terminal. Here, her appearance is unchanged, but her personality has become much colder and more calculating.


Colin Reeds

Faye and Colin first met as kids, speaking to each other from across their balconies. Their friendship remained strong all throughout their early and teenage years. Though often teasing Colin, Faye genuinely cared for him, and wanted to spend time with him to help better him as a person. The two were so close, that Dr. Watts initially believed that the two were "childhood sweethearts". With Faye's guidance, Colin eventually learned to play the cello properly, applied for his first job, and mustered the courage to ask Sofia out on a date.

Faye initially disproved of Colin's relationship with Sofia, most likely due to jealousy. However, she later supported the relationship after seeing how happy Colin was. When Faye felt that Colin had matured enough, she took him to their favorite hill overlooking the city. There, she explained to him that he would have to move on without her, as people would laugh if they found out he had an imaginary friend, among other things. She promised that, in a way, she would always be around to protect him. The two hugged before Faye faded away.

At the end of Colin's life, Faye appeared one last time to say her final goodbyes. She asked Colin if he still had regrets, which he admitted that he still did, but was grateful for the life he had. Faye happily exclaimed that that was all she wanted to hear. Faye admitted that she wished they could meet under better circumstances and with more time, before encouraging him to return to his wife and pass away peacefully. Before going, Colin thanked Faye for being his friend when nobody else would. Seeing Faye one last time finally allowed Colin to die peacefully, with one of his biggest regrets being resolved.

Neil Watts

Faye was initially hostile towards Watts as she attempted to throw him out of Colin's mind. The two fought several times for control of Colin's memories, often in exaggerated, retro game-styled manners. When finally beaten by Watts, with the help of Dr. Eva Rosalene, Faye somberly accepted her defeat and begun to walk away. However, Watts transported them to a private area and struck an unknown deal with her.

Later on, as Colin was dying, Faye and Watts spoke one last time. Faye praised Watts for trying to help Colin, and also admitted that Watts was the only other person that she has ever spoken to besides Colin.

At the end of the game, an image of Faye can be seen on the screen of Watts' terminal. This suggests that the "deal" that the two struck earlier involved Faye being able to live on in Watts' terminal. Neil also said that she was connected to his terminal interface so she could be living inside.