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Joey (to Johnny, about the Animorphs series)
"Instead of going into boring school, they get to turn into tigers and maul big bad aliens!"

Joey Wyles is a character in To The Moon. He is Johnny's twin brother, who died prior to the events of the game when his mother accidentally ran him over with a car.



  • Joey likes the Animorphs series, he introduced the series to his younger brother, Johnny.
  • Joey has a love of pickled olives. He has made Johnny taste it, and Johnny developed a love for pickled olives too. After Joey's death and being affected by the beta-blockers, Johnny forgot about Joey and thought his love for pickled olives and the Animorphs series were all his own.
  • His published book in the altered memory, titled To The Moon is heavily based on John. Upon Johnny's success to go to the moon, Joey remarked the need to change the less optimistic ending of the story of a lameduck's attempt to be an austronaut.