Johnathan Wyles
Character Information
Nickname(s) Johnny
First Appearance To the Moon
Notable Relationships River (Wife)

Martha Wyles (Mother)
Joey (Twin brother)
Nicholas (Long time friend)
Lily (Caretaker)

Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Skin color Medium
Young Johnny talking to River.
"So… what do you think they really are? The stars, I mean."

Johnathan Wyles, more commonly known as Johnny, is the main character of To the Moon and the widowed husband of River Wyles. Johnny had a wish to go to the moon, although he did not know why.

History Edit

Johnny was born to a (seemingly) single mother, along with his twin brother Joey, who was named after his grandfather. Due to him being a twin he suspected that his mother favored his brother over him, as she always gave him the better thing.

He met his wife River sometime in his childhood at a carnival. There, they spoke about the stars and made a rabbit constellation with the moon posing as its belly. They agreed that if one of them were to get lost, they would meet again at the moon; this is the reason why his last wish is to go to the moon. Before leaving, he gave River a toy platypus which she grew fond of for the rest of her life.

Sometime later, Joey died in an accident when their mother backed out of her drive in her car in a rush and ran him over, killing him instantly. So he was given a particular form of beta-blockers; medication that was intended to and did have a side-effect of erasing a substantial portion of his recent memory. The event of his brother's death, as well as his first meeting with River were suppressed, seemingly eliminated. His mother didn't take the beta-blockers however, and the event of her killing her son drove her "a little cuckoo" and she started treating John as if he were his dead brother, as a result all the things Joey liked were forced onto him, such as his fondness for the Animorphs book series and a liking for pickled olives.

He met River again during his adolescence years whilst at high school. Desperate to become 'something more' than everybody else, he reveals to a friend that he wants to go out with River because she is 'unique', something his friend states is 'cold'. Johnny's friend indicates that River's differences leave her detached from the rest of her classmates, and suggests to Johnny that whilst Johnny seeks to be "different", because he isn't, River never had a choice about being different and therefore may want to be accepted like everyone else.

He successfully (albeit very awkwardly) asks River on a date to the movies which rekindles their relationship once again, although now it is based strongly on attraction, mostly on Johnny's part. River never indicates in any way at this point that she knew Johnny prior to high school.

Young River and Johnny

Young River and Johnny.


Johnny's and River's wedding day.

Later, during adulthood, he learns of River's condition via a doctor's appointment (along with River herself, as she never knew she had Autism until she was diagnosed as an adult), and he accompanied her to equine treatment. They eventually got married by a lighthouse which they named Anya. During their late adulthood, he confessed to River that the reason why he approached her was that he wanted to become 'different' by being with 'someone different' and that he was sorry to have had ulterior motives behind their first meeting. This informs her that Johnny does not remember their true first encounter and so she starts making paper rabbits in an attempt to make him remember, as having Autism makes it somewhat difficult for River to express her thoughts and emotions in direct conversation, which is a common experience with many people on the Autism Spectrum. She would later make a final attempt by making a blue and yellow origami rabbit representing the constellation they created on their first meeting which once again fails. Johnny later planned to build a house next to Anya, much to River's delight. Construction was underway until River was diagnosed with a late-stage terminal illness and they were unable to pay for both her medical bills and for the construction. Wanting to keep River alive, Johnny tries to convince her that they would be able to afford both, but to no avail. He then tries to convince River to choose her medical treatment over Anya, but River expressed her desire for him to go ahead with the construction, and denied her medical treatment as she didn't want Anya to feel lonely. Johnny reluctantly complies to her wishes. Before her death, John writes a song titled 'For River' which he would later teach to Lily's children Tommy and Sarah.

During his elderly years, he took in a woman named Lily as a cleaner, a woman with two children who had lost her husband to a war. She decided to stay and becomes his caretaker when John's health started to deteriorate. Before he lost consciousness for the last time, he hires Neil and Eva to grant him one last wish; to go to the moon.

Space Shuttle

The space shuttle going up to space.


Johnny plays "For River" or "To The Moon".

In his altered memories, his brother Joey survives the accident and he did not get the opportunity to ask River on a first date during their teenage years. Without River, but with an strange interest to go to the moon, he was then completely motivated to become an astronaut. His brother becomes a successful author and due to the recognition this garners in John's desire to become an astronaut, a call from NASA arrives during one of Joey's book signings. At NASA, John is finally reunited with River, now a fellow recruit in their mission to the moon. They would once again form a romance, get married and build the house with both of them alive this time. During the final scene in his memories, he recalls being on the space shuttle with the moon in plain sight. River reaches out her hand towards Johnny, which he takes before the real Johnny passes away.

The song "for River" is called "To The Moon" in Johnny's altered memory.

Appearance Edit

Youth Edit

Johnny had medium skin, short brown hair, and brown eyes.

Later years Edit

With age, his hair turned gray. He had a mustache in his later years, which graduated to a trimmed beard in his old age. He usually wore a brown shirt or vest, green pants, and brown shoes.

Relationships Edit

  • Mother (Martha Wyles)
  • Unnamed aunt
  • Grandfather, possibly named Joey
  • Married to River
  • Deceased brother named Joey Wyles (Alive in his altered memory).
  • Long time friend of Nicholas since Middle school.
  • Has a caretaker named Lily (He gives his house to her after he passes away.)

Trivia Edit

  • His mother calls him Joey (which he thinks is just a nickname, not recalling the significance), possibly due to her mental instability, stemming from running Joey over. This instability appears to take the form of her involuntarily switching the identities of Johnny and Joey after Joey's death (it is heavily implied that she favoured Joey, to the point that she often didn't seem to consider Johnny much. This is something which is revealed to have upset Johnny greatly).
  • He has a love of pickled olives, which he gained after Joey made him try one and he liked it. Due to Joey's death and beta blockers corrupting his memories, he believes that his love of pickled olives is all his own.
  • The reason why Johnny developed a love of the Animorphs series is because his brother Joey introduced it to him, and, not remembering Joey, he believes he developed the interest on his own. However, after his mother gave him a box of Animorphs comics as a wedding present, he never read them and they were left untouched in the box, as he never truly liked them.

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