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River Wyles
Because one day... I'm going to befriend one of them.

The Lighthouse is a major location in To the Moon. Johnny and River Wyles frequented it and named it Anya when they hosted their wedding there. It fell into disuse some time after their marriage. River's attachment to it inspired Johnny to construct a house on a nearby cliff; that way, Anya would always have company and someone to watch over her.

River's attachment to the lighthouse was a result of her childhood belief that stars were distant lighthouses. She mentioned this when she first met Johnny, an event which held a special place in her heart. After some point, she discovered Anya. Although Johnny didn't understand why she loved Anya so much, he knew that Anya was extremely special.

Anya first appears when either Eva Rosalene or Neil Watts checks it while gathering information about Johnny before his wish-fulfillment procedure. Throughout the game, the lighthouse is a reoccurring setting due to the couple's frequent visits in Johnny's memories.

After their deaths, both Johnny and River are buried in front of the lighthouse.