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Lily Quinn is a supporting character in To the Moon. She is the caregiver of the game's main character, John Wyles, as well as a widowed mother of Sarah and Tommy Quinn. She also appears in Sigmund Minisode 2, where she is invited to the Sigmund Corporation office for Christmas.


Lily's husband died in a war overseas a few years prior to the events of To the Moon, as she tells Eva Rosalene halfway through the game. She was left with two children and barely any savings at a time when the job market was grim. Johnny saw her ad and gave her the job, which she accepted with gratitude.

She inherited Johnny's house after he passed away.  


Lily is a woman with blue eyes and brown hair that she wears in a ponytail. She wears a dress with a short-sleeved pink bodice, yellow collar and purple, ankle-length skirt over a long-sleeved white shirt. She seems to be wearing brown shoes.