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"Is it wrong if all I really wanted to be. . .
. . . is just another lavender?"

Lynri Watts is a major character in Impostor Factory. She is the mother of Neil and the spouse of Quincy. The game focuses on traversing her memories, highlighting her prestigious career as a neuroscientist who helped develop the Memory Editor machine at the Yu-Haynes Foundation as well as her relationship with Quincy. She has an unspecified rare genetic disorder, which turned malignant when she was pregnant with Neil.


Early Life

Lynri was a single child and lived with her two parents. At some point before the game, Lynri suffered an attack from her genetic disorder, which got her hospitalized. Her parents would go on to inform Lynri's teachers to not let her be too hyperactive to avoid the risk of another attack.

While on a field trip to a field of lavender with her classmates, Lynri once again faints due to her genetic disorder while frolicking in the field. While in the hospital, a doctor informs Lynri's parents that her disorder could potentially turn lethal and truly endanger her in the future, but that they would continue to monitor it. Later on at night, Lynri's father takes her back to the lavender field to go stargazing. Here, Lynri expresses her wish to "become a star" and shine so bright that everyone else can see the beauty of the lavender field.

Lynri would continue to grow up relatively healthy, though frequent check-ups at the hospital were needed to monitor her condition.

College Years

Years later, Lynri would go on to develop a work-oriented personality and became particularly interested in neuroscience as a result of her neurological condition. One day while studying in the library, Lynri met Quincy, and slowly over time the two became close friends. Quincy eventually asked for Lynri to become his girlfriend, though Lynri initially rejected him in fear of not having enough time to both pursue her career and spend time with him. Eventually, the two would begin dating and went on to graduate college together.

Work at Yu-Haynes Foundation

Fresh out of college, Lynri and Quincy settled down in a small, comfortable home and begun their life together. While Quincy worked from home, Lynri was hired to be a neuroscientist at the Yu-Haynes Foundation. Here, Lynri worked on a prototype of a machine that allowed one to store their memories inside. Slowly, Lynri begun to slip back into her work-obsessed mindset, putting strain on her relationship with Quincy. One day, the prototype machine fatally injured one of Lynri's coworkers, causing Lynri to realize just how much time she was wasting working on a machine ultimately doomed to fail. She returned home to Quincy and reconciled with him.

Travelling the World and Pregnancy

Quincy and Lynri would go on to spend time travelling the world together, visiting the Seven Wonders and several other places. By the time the couple had returned from their travels, Lynri had become pregnant. A doctor later informs the couple that Lynri's condition could affect the pregnancy, and suggests an abortion to prevent complications. Though initially unsure, Lynri and Quincy decide to keep the baby and begin preparing for its birth. The baby is eventually revealed to be a male via ultrasound, and the couple decide on the name Tobias.

One day, Lynri faints from another neurological attack and is taken to the hospital. A doctor informs Lynri that she must either induce an early birth in order to get herself hasty treatment, thus severely impairing the child's future development, or wait until the child is completely formed and risk not getting treatment. Not wanting to ruin her child's life, Lynri decides to deny treatment and give birth naturally. Upon the child's birth, Quincy and Lynri decide to change his name to Neil, and to also have him take Lynri's surname, Watts, instead of Quincy's. Though Neil was born healthy and without issue, the small window Lynri had to receive treatment had closed.

Motherhood and Death

For the next several years, Lynri raised Neil with Quincy despite her rapidly deteriorating health. Near her death, her condition had worsened to the point that she was bed-ridden and could only breathe through a ventilator. Her incredibly ill condition did not stop her from being a mother to Neil. She eventually passed from her neurological condition that had plagued her entire life, and was buried in an unnamed cemetery with Quincy, Neil and several others in attendance.


Neil would go on to honor Lynri's memory by refining the prototype she had worked on decades prior into the Memory Editor.