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Mrs. Martha Wyles was the mother of twins Johnny and Joey. She was responsible for the accidental death of Joey when she backed out with her car and ran him over. She presumably arranged for her surviving son Johnny to be given beta blocker medication to eliminate his memories of his brother's death. According to Eva, Mrs. Wyles went 'a bit cuckoo' after Joey's death, implying that she became mentally unstable due to emotional trauma from the accident. This is evidenced by her sudden switching of Johnny's and Joey's identities, referring to Johnny by Joey's name. What happened to her in her elderly years is currently a unknown.


She has brown hair tied in a thick braid in the center of her back. She has pale skin not unlike Johnny and Joey's. She usually wears a sky blue dress draped with a white apron.



Joey Wyles was one of Mrs. Wyles' twin sons. She seemed to favor him over his brother, Johnny. After accidentally killing Joey, she was emotionally shattered, leading to a state of mental instability.


Johnny Wyles was one of Mrs. Wyles' twin sons. She seemed to favor his twin brother, something which bothered Johnny throughout his childhood. After Joey's tragic accident, Johnny was medicated with beta blockers to erase his memory of his brother's death. The emotional trauma of the accident caused Mrs. Wyles to begin calling Johnny his deceased brother's name, though Johnny, having had the memory of his brother erased, went through his life believing that "Joey" was merely a nickname.