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Memento is an item or object that remind subject of a person or event in the past. Memory Editor use the Memento to ignite more memories and doing the leap between memory.

Usually, Memento is protected by shield and only could be broken by using five Memory Orbs.

List Edit

Sprite Description Memory Leap Puzzle Image
Memento Sprite 1 Yellow and Blue Rabbit is the first Memento given by the last accessible memory of Johnny. Johnny is playing piano alone. Mem BY Rabbit
Memento Sprite 2 Umberella used by Johnny when mourning to River's grave. Johnny mourning to River's grave near lighthouse. Mem Umbrella
Memento Sprite 3 Platypus doll. Johnny and River conversation in the bedroom. Mem Platypus
Memento Sprite 4 Fresh flower from near the lighthouse cliff. Johnny and Isabelle confrontation about the River's request. Mem Flowers
Memento Sprite 5 Joey's favourites food. John and River sitting at a bar with Isabelle and Nicolas. Mem Pickled Olives
Memento Sprite 6 Lighthouse abandonment statement document. John and River in lighthouse. Mem Document
Memento Sprite 7 Yellow origami rabbit created by River. River start making origami paper of rabbits. Mem Yellow Rabbit
Memento Sprite 8 Platypus doll. Road entrance of cliff area with a car parked. Mem Platypus
Memento Sprite 9 Old backpack used by Johnny. John, Isabelle and Nicolas sitting in library while River reading a book. Mem Aged Pack
Memento Sprite 10 Book. Johnny and River's wedding in cliff area. Mem Book Full
Memento Sprite 11 Rabbit died by roadkill. Horse farm. Mem Roadkill
Memento Sprite 12 Handbag. In a waiting room of a clinic. Mem Purse
Memento Sprite 13 A clock that annoys River in hospital room. Cinema theatre. Mem Clock
Memento Sprite 14 Platypus doll. High school hallway. Mem Platypus
Memento Sprite 15 Backpack used by Johnny. Kitchen of Johnny's childhood home. Mem Backpack
Memento Sprite 16 Johnny and Joey's soccer ball. Johnny's lost childhood memories. Mem Soccer Ball