Memory Editor
Memory Editor
Item Information
Owner Sigmund Corporation
Appeared To The Moon
Sigmund Minisode 1
Sigmund Minisode 2

Memory Editor is a device owned by Sigmund Corporation with capability of alter memories. Sigmund Corporation using this device in order to granting wish to the patient.

Using this device will permanently alters the subject's memories and would cause confusion or conflict with their real lives, so the procedure is only legally performed on people on the verge of death.

This device could run on household electricity.

Appearance Edit

The device is contained in a silver box and the weight is presumably heavy expressed by Dr. Neil Watts in the beginning of To The Moon game.

When opened, the device have four fold-able monitor and some kind of fold-able engine with keyboard. The device will starts glowing when turned on.

Usage Edit

Memory Editor use wireless helmets to interact with users and altering subject's memories.

The device only could access last accessible memory of the subject and in order to go further users must find a Memento. Usually, Memento is shielded and in order to break it, user need 5 memory orbs (obtained through observing an item, event or place). Memento will took the user further back in to the memories. The time difference between each memories is depend on the subject's Memento.