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The Memory Editor is a device owned by Sigmund Corporation with the ability to rewrite a person's memories. It is used to grant wishes to people in terminal condition who are unhappy with their lives.

Using this device will permanently alter the patient's memories and would conflict with their real lives, so the procedure is only legally performed on people on the verge of death.

This device can run on household electricity.


The device is contained in a silver box and the weight is presumably heavy expressed by Dr. Neil Watts in the beginning of To the Moon.

When opened, the device has four foldable monitors and some kind of foldable engine with keyboard. The device will start glowing when turned on.


The Memory Editor uses wireless helmets to interact with users and altering patients' memories.

The interactive memories are generated by the patient's own memories and are kept as accurate as possible with a stabilizer that uses public domain data.

The device can could access the last accessible memory of the patient. In order to go further, users must find a Memento. Usually, Mementos are shielded by a barrier. In order to break the barrier, the user needs up to 5 memory orbs (obtained through observing an item, event, or place). Mementos take the user further into the patient's psyche. The time difference between each memory depends on each Memento.