Neil Watts
Neil sprite
Character Information
Nickname(s) Neil
First Appearance To the Moon
Occupation Employee of Sigmund Corporation
Notable Relationships Eva Rosalene (Work Partner)
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Skin color Medium
Dr. Watts
"Oh, you freakin… Don't pull that contrived crap on me! This ain't no movie and you're no hero, you're just being a moron!"

Dr. Neil Watts is one of the two main playable protagonists of To The Moon and Finding Paradise and is a primary playable character. He is an employee of Sigmund Corporation and partner of Dr. Eva Rosalene. His official title at the company is Technician Specialist.[1]

History Edit

Appearance and Personality Edit

Neil is a young, Caucasian man with glasses, green eyes and short, neat brown hair. Like Eva, he always wears a white lab coat.[1]

He is humorous and somewhat cynical, in contrast to Dr. Rosalene's character, and often makes jokes and various pop-culture references throughout the course of the game to lighten the mood. Although often perceived as silly and childish, Neil can be serious when situations call for it. While not as perceptive of detail as Eva, he is still considerably intelligent and possesses enough problem-solving skills to usually help out whenever they have trouble advancing through memories.[1] Neil appears to be a decent programmer as well. He is energetic and a prankster, but he tends to avoid frequent interaction with his co-workers and often comes off as varying degrees of rude. However, he is not unfriendly and gets along fairly well with all his acquaintances, with the exception of Dr. Robert Lin, an older colleague of Neil's.[2] He is impulsive and secretive; Eva suggests near the beginning of the game that many cabinets and rooms in Neil's house are locked.[1]

Despite having a callous attitude towards Johnny and River's lives early on and insisting on finishing the job and getting paid, he later becomes attached to them; he ends up vehemently opposing Eva's efforts to apparently remove River from most of Johnny's memories, insisting that the point of the wish is lost in her method of achieving it.[1]

Relationships Edit

Dr. Eva Rosalene

Eva is Neil's partner at Sigmund Corporation. She seems to have known him for a long time, as is shown at the start of the game. If you choose Watts to explore the house, he says he played Sherlock Holmes at a high-school musical, but Eva says she remembers him playing Watson. It is hinted that he may be romantically interested in her. At the launching scene, Watts sidles closer to Eva and attempts to put his hand on her shoulder, but she pushes his arm away and he steps away, perhaps due to embarrassment. He also expresses anger when Eva tells him to leave during the destabilization of the system, refusing to leave her behind to get hurt or killed on her own (despite the fact that his continued presence in the memories helps no one, and simply increases the number of people risking injury), and calling her a moron for playing "hero". During their argument, Eva admits to letting Neil cheat off of her entry exam (presumably for either college or employment at Sigmund Corp), which she shows irritation at seeing his seemingly lack of gratitude at her self-sacrifices. He later sheepishly takes it back after the danger has passed.[1]


Neil has troubles with his parents, as evidenced in Sigmund Minisode 2. He attempts to call them twice, but always hangs up, unable to speak. When Eva asks if this is because of something they did, Neil replies that it is not them - potentially implying that he is the source of the problem.[3]


He seems to have had a good relationship with his grandfather. During his youth, he would watch stars until sunrise with his grandfather. He and his grandfather would have to pretend that they hadn't stayed up in order to prevent Neil's mother from worrying. He developed a caffeine addiction in an attempt to hide his sleepiness.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • He likes long hair. [1] Unless that long hair belongs to Robert Lin.[2]
  • He often makes references to games and pop culture, saying phrases like "Hadouken!", "Hulk Smash!", and "Kamehameha!"[1]
  • It has been confirmed that Dr. Neil takes painkillers. At the end of the game, Neil takes painkillers after experiencing something that most likely seems to be a sudden sharp pain.[1]
    • There is evidence that Watts suffers from some type of pain as a small portion of Neil's health is gone during the squirrel battle scene in the beginning of the game.
    • In Finding Paradise, there is an instance when the screen flashes red and Neil says he needs to take painkillers, but he needs to go to the car to get them. On the way to the car, he keeps getting phone calls from Eva and Roxanne, making him take longer to go to the car an take the painkillers. The screen does flash a few more times since he keeps feeling pain but was unable to take the painkillers sooner since he kept getting stopped by phone calls from Eva and Roxanne. [4]
  • If the player picks up the painkillers while sampling the roadkill scent, a sequence will play where Dr. Watts claims he uses the painkillers because he walked into a concrete wall.[1]
  • Neil has created a somewhat half-baked game about their experiences in To The Moon.[2]
  • Neil enjoys cooking in groups.[1]
  • Neil dislikes pickled olives.[1]
  • Neil enjoys pickled cucumbers.

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