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Notes can be found throughout the game and obtained automatically when certain event or item observed by player. The notes could be accessed by going to game menu (using right-click) and navigating to the Notes tab.

By hovering mouse to an item, a description about the item will be shown.

List of Notes Edit

There are 22 notes available in-game.

Image Name Description Obtained
Note Moon Moon Objective. The moon in Johnny's memory is full.
Objective: Where Johnny and River are to regroup if they got lost from each other.
Dead Rabbit A roadkill on Johnny and River's wedding day.
Note Clock Clock The clocks in Johnny's house never tick. Observing the clock in Johnny's cliff side house during 'Very Old' memory stage.
Note AnyaPerson Anya Someone John and River cared for.
Note Anya The abandoned lighthouse by the cliffside.
Note For River For River A song Johnny wrote for his deceased wife. Its title is a placeholder. Observing Johnny plays the 'For River' after River gives blue and yellow Rabbit during 'Very Old' memory stage.
Note Pickled Olives Pickled Olives Johnny's favourite.
Joey's favourite.
Note Rabbit Paper Rabbit What River gave to John. Observing River in the bed during 'Very Old' memory stage.
Note Acrophobia Acrophobia Something that Johnny and River apparently didn't have.
Note Animorphs Animorphs Johnny's favourite childhood books.
Joey's favourite childhood books.
Note Joey Joey Johnny's nickname, named after his grandfather.
Note Joey twin Johnny's twin brother, deceased since childhood.
Note Tony Attwood Tony Attwood The author of a series of books on River's condition.
Note Alt Tab ALT-Tab Life saver.
Note Watts0 Dr. Neil Watts Village idiot.
Note Watts1 A pretty cool guy.
Beta Blocker A drug with the side effect of dampening memories by interfering with stress hormones.
Clock-Ticking Something River can't stand.
"To the Moon" by Joey Wyles "One lameduck's impossible journey to become an astronaut." - A novel by Joey Wyles