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This article contains plot details from To the Moon and Finding Paradise.

Notes are collectible information in To the Moon and Finding Paradise. They are given after certain events happen or by interacting with certain objects or characters at certain points. After a note is obtained, it can be viewed along with its description in the Notes tab of the pause menu.

Notes often describe important details about each game's major characters and plot points, though some of them are just there as the punchline to a comedic event.

Most notes are always obtained in any playthrough—that is, they are given after interactions or events that are necessary to advance through the game. There are, however, a few that must be obtained through exploration.

List of notes

To the Moon

There are 22 notes in To the Moon.

Image Name In-game description Obtaining
Note Moon.png Moon Objective. The moon in Johnny's memory is full.
Objective: Where Johnny and River are to regroup if they got lost from each other.
Dead Rabbit A roadkill on Johnny and River's wedding day.
Note Clock.png Clock The clocks in Johnny's house never tick. Observing the clock in Johnny's cliff side house during 'Very Old' memory stage.
Note AnyaPerson.png Anya Someone John and River cared for.
Note Anya.png The abandoned lighthouse by the cliffside.
Note For River.png For River A song Johnny wrote for his deceased wife. Its title is a placeholder. Observing Johnny plays the 'For River' after River gives blue and yellow Rabbit during 'Very Old' memory stage.
Note Pickled Olives.png Pickled Olives Johnny's favourite.
Joey's favourite.
Note Rabbit.png Paper Rabbit What River gave to John. Observing River in the bed during 'Very Old' memory stage.
Note Acrophobia.png Acrophobia Something that Johnny and River apparently didn't have.
Note Animorphs.png Animorphs Johnny's favourite childhood books.
Joey's favourite childhood books.
Note Joey.png Joey Johnny's nickname, named after his grandfather.
Note Joey twin.png Johnny's twin brother, deceased since childhood.
Note Tony Attwood.png Tony Attwood The author of a series of books on River's condition.
Note Alt Tab.png ALT-Tab Life saver.
Note Watts0.png Dr. Neil Watts Village idiot.
Note Watts1.png A pretty cool guy.
Beta Blocker A drug with the side effect of dampening memories by interfering with stress hormones.
Clock-Ticking Something River can't stand.
"To the Moon" by Joey Wyles "One lameduck's impossible journey to become an astronaut." - A novel by Joey Wyles

Finding Paradise

There are 30 notes in Finding Paradise.

Image Name In-game description Obtaining
Aged Cello Colin plays the cello. Apparently not well, though. Interact with the cello in the music room while on the apartment tour with Asher.
Retired Pilot Colin used to work for the airlines as a commercial pilot. Ask Asher about Colin before going on the apartment tour with him.
Hibiscus The family kept a pot of hibiscus around the house. Interact with the pot of hibiscus in the living room while on the apartment tour with Asher.
Green Book It's filled with blank pages... Interact with the bookshelf in the attic while on the apartment tour with Asher.
Old Soccer Ball Asher's old soccer ball is kept in the attic. Interact with the soccer ball in the attic while on the apartment tour with Asher.
Unstable Copy There is an odd instance of Colin on the most recent memory's balcony. Go to the balcony in the most recent memory and interact with Colin.
Ducks They quack things up. Get two memory links by walking near the ducks in the memory where Sofia lets Colin call Sigmund Corporation.
Anomaly Something is interfering with the memory traversal... Enter Colin's first childhood memory.
Rudog Colin loved watching "Rudog, the Red-Nosed Corgi". Interact with Colin while he watches the TV in his first childhood memory.
(Regret) Bad Landing The last landing of Colin's career didn't quite hit the mark. Given while Colin bids his passengers farewell after the landing of his last flight.
Cello Colin loved playing the cello as a kid. Given while Colin helps a passenger with their cello outside the plane in the memory of his last flight.
Cello Colin hated playing the cello as a kid. Given when Colin gets assigned to play the cello in his grade school memory.
Faye The girl across the balcony. Given after Colin and Faye's first meeting.
The Scale Theme A thing Sofia played that accompanied Colin's scales. Given as Sofia and Colin play the song in the memory of Sofia’s last performance.
The Scale Theme A thing Faye played that accompanied Colin's scales. Interact with Colin and Faye as they play his scales in the memory where they go to the hill together.
Hibiscus Everywhere There sure are a lot where Colin lives, strangely. Interact with the hibiscus after entering the memory where Colin accompanies Asher at the playground.
(Regret) Absence Colin missed the birth of Asher. Given in the memory of Asher's birth.
Flying Faye suggested for Colin to find an airport and look for a way. Given after Faye gives Colin the idea of becoming a pilot.
Captain Ernst Award-Winning Moustache. Given in the memory of Colin's first commercial flight.
First Job "Practically the Underboss." Given in the memory where Colin proposes to work for an airport in exchange for his flight training.
(Regret) Sloppy Start A sloppy start to the long-awaited honeymoon. Given after Colin spills his drink in the memory of his honeymoon with Sofia.
(Regret) Misspelt Proposal A messed up proposal message for the whole city to see. Given in the memory where Barry, Colin's flight instructor, skywrites Colin's proposal to Sofia but fails to spell the words correctly.
Whacky Gal Someone's a little cuckoo in the head... Given when Faye hides in the bushes instead of joining Colin to the community orchestra rehearsal.
Meeting Sofia Colin and Sofia met at a community band rehearsal. Given at the back of the stage when Sofia rushes to the rehearsal.
(Regret) Ink Attack Colin took a squid to the face on the first date. Given in the memory of Colin and Sofia's date at a public aquarium, where he picks up a squid in the petting pool and got squirted with ink.
Closed Airport The airport Colin had trained at closed down. Observe the notice of airport closure next to the vending machine in the relevant memory.
Drifted Apart Colin and Faye had drifted apart. Given after Colin and Faye finish talking outside the airport in the memory of the airport's closure.
Photo Album Barely any of the happy memories captured here were seen during the memory traversal. After Neil finishes doing Colin's paperwork, interact with the photo album in the living room.
Lemon Juice Colin kept a jar of lemon juice that could be invisible ink. Given when Neil is greeted by Potato and Carola while on his way to the car.
Faye Not exactly "the girl across the balcony". Given after Faye disappears from the memory of the airport's closure.