Old Wyles' House
Old Wyles House
Location Information
Owner Johnny Wyles
River Wyles
Inhabitants Johnny Wyles
River Wyles

Old Wyles' House is John and River's house before they could afford to build the cliff house. This house is appeared in old and middle age memories of John.

Main Story Edit

Johnny plays For River for the first time for River in this house. River's repetitive behavior of making paper rabbits also started when she in middle aged in this house and before she get ill.

The exact location of this house is unknown and not mentioned in game. Whether it's Johnny and River's first house or not is also not mentioned.

Locations Edit

There are 3 different locations in this area.

Piano Room Edit

Old Wyles House-Piano
The piano room is where the piano originally placed before Johnny and Nicolas successfully moved the piano (using help from a professional) to the upstairs where River get treated.

Study Room Edit

Old Wyles House-Work
This place is where River's behavior of making paper rabbits started. She doing it and cut her hair in order to make Johnny remember their childhood memories. But because River's syndrome, she finds difficulties and could not make it clear enough to make Johnny remembers it.

2nd Floor Edit

Old Wyles House-2nd Floor
The bedroom where River treated when she ill. In more recent memories of Johnny, the piano is successfully moved to this bedroom in order to play For River to River as present.

Trivia Edit