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Paper Memories is a set of comics featuring To the Moon and Finding Paradise characters released on March 9, 2019. It was written by Kan Gao and Puré and illustrated by Puré. The digital version is available to purchase on Steam as a DLC to both To the Moon and Finding Paradise, and physical copies are available on the Freebird Games merchandise store.


Paper Memories consists of three main comics, additional comic strips, and bonus artwork. In the digital version, two bonus tracks are also included.

The main comics are spin-offs based on major characters in To the Moon and Finding Paradise. They are:

  • "A Story from To the Moon", which shows Johnny and River's problematic relationship from River's perspective;
  • "A Story from Finding Paradise", which tells Colin's story from Faye's perspective;
  • "A Story from Both", a crossover, revealing an untold interaction between Colin and River in high school.

The additional comic strips consist of two parts: the first part, called "SigCorp Doc Bits" in the digital version, features Sigmund Corporation employees Eva Rosalene, Neil Watts, Roxanne Winters and Robert Lin. The other part, "The Hair Saga", pictures various characters trying to stylize their partners' hair.

The bonus tracks in the digital version are a medley of To the Moon's soundtrack and a piano arrangement of "Faye's Theme" from Finding Paradise, the latter presumably performed by Kan Gao. Furthermore, there are bonus character artwork and sketches by Puré as well as a poster of Impostor Factory.

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