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"Just know that whichever we choose. . .
. . . I'll see it through with you 'til the end."

Quincy Reynard is the playable and a major character in Impostor Factory. While attending the party hosted by Dr. Yu and Dr. Haynes, he discovered that the world was a simulation run by Lynri, who later reveals her memories to him.

In the real world, he is the spouse of Lynri, who studied at the same university as he did. After returning from a trip around the world, the two grew close during their tenure together, eventually leading to Quincy asking Lynri out. She declined, confessing the nature of her disease and that she felt she did not have time to live for herself. Despite this, Quincy surprised her by setting up a number of makeshift monuments from various places across the globe (using objects taken from the university), a gesture that touched Lynri. After this, Quincy assured Lynri that her decision was her own, but that he would bring the world to her if she wanted.