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W O U L D Y O U L I K E R I C E ?

Ricebot is a minor character in Impostor Factory. As its name implies, it is a robotic rice cooker. It operates in the Mansion and is the property of the Yu-Haynes Foundation.

Appearance and behavior[]

Ricebot's shape and size is that of a large rice cooker. Its body is mostly white. It has four large dark eyes with LED display spaced evenly around the side of its lid. There is an orange stripe around its lid just above the bottom edge. There are buttons (according to Quincy at the beginning of the game) and a green light on its front side. It seems to move by hovering close to the ground as indicated by faint blue light underneath it, and it navigates the mansion's stairs by hovering higher. Its lid rotates while it moves around, and the lid may also rotate as it talks. It makes robotic noises as it speaks.


Ricebot is a somewhat intelligent robot, capable of processing and responding to human speech to an extent. Ricebot is highly proud of its rice, claiming ecstatically that "it's to die for", and when asked to provide emotional support, it says the solution is rice.


  • Ricebot is the first and only character in the series to have unique sound effects accompanying its speech.