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Dr. Robert Lin, or Rob, is a non-playable character first appearing in the To The Moon holiday minisodes. He is an employee of Sigmund Corporation and the partner of Dr. Roxanne Winters.

Appearance and Personality[]

Rob is an older (estimate: mid/late 50s) man with long, dark grey hair arranged in a braid and brown eyes. In the style of Sigmund Corp., he wears a white overcoat with a blue belt and gold accents.

Not much information is available about him at the moment. He is portrayed as serious and hardworking, and typically appears with a neutral expression. If what Neil says about him is accurate, Robert is passionate about his job and displeased at anyone who doesn't respect it. For the most part, he is on the quiet side and tends to keep to himself, disappearing randomly in the second half of the first minisode. None of the other agents make comments about the way he is. It's suggested that he does have a sense of humor; he seems to poke fun at Roxie forgetting her belongings in the second minisode by yelling at her in the same manner she did when she was waiting for him to get ready.

Rob is somewhat opinionated, showing annoyance and disapproval of the protesters in the minisodes. He doesn't even consider the possibility that they have a point - he just wants them to go away. He also seems to resent Neil Watts for constantly slacking off and messing around in the office. Apparently, he's long-winded and has the tendency to lecture dramatically when upset or fired up: in the first minisode Neil recites "Rob's BS" about making their patients happy and sharing that moment of triumph together after doing their best to fulfill a wish.