Picture of Sigmund Corporation's building exterior, from the SigCorp Holiday Special.

The Sigmund Corporation is a company that uses technology to alter one's memories, granting them a "wish" they have never fulfilled.

Doing this permanently alters the subject's memories and would cause confusion or conflict with their real lives, so the procedure is only performed on people on the verge of death. The memories are altered and the subject experiences a final moment of satisfaction before passing away.

Eva and Neil are employees of the Sigmund Corporation.

The general assumption of the company's uniform is white lab coats, usually with gold or yellow trim.

On specific days of the year, the Sigmund Corporation refers all calls and assignments to their competitor, the Hermann Corporation, as per contract, allowing employees of the Sigmund Corporation some much-needed time off. This contract also works the other way around, with the Herman Corporation referring all assignments to the Sigmund Corporation on specific days. This is possible either via mutual agreement between companies or as per regulation via a parent company.

The Sigmund Corporation's work appears to be highly controversial, due to the appearance of protesters in front of the building.


  • Dr. Eva Rosalene - Senior memory traversal agent
  • Dr. Neil Watts - Technician Specialist
  • Dr. Eddie Doyle
  • Dr. Lisa Vazquez
  • Dr. Logan Boswell
  • Dr. Robert Lin
  • Dr. Roxanne Winters - Technician Specialist
  • Dr. Taima McMillan
  • Dr. Willis McMillan

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  • Alistair
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