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Sofia (to Colin)
"You don't say it, but I know there's something that still aches you. . ."

Sofia Reeds is one of the main characters in Finding Paradise. She is the wife of the Sigmund Corporation client, Colin Reeds, and the mother of their son, Asher Reeds.


Sofia is a woman with vibrant green eyes, fair skin, and long blonde hair parted at the left. She appears rather fashionable: throughout Colin's memories, she is seen wearing different kinds of dresses, though they are always color-coded like the rest of the series' characters (in her case, white, salmon and lavender, with a gold accent). She also styles her hair in various ways, and often decorates it using white-colored hair ties and pins. At one point, she highlighted her hair with white.


Sofia is a kind and friendly person. She is extremely talented at playing the piano, and she was a piano soloist in the community orchestra. Her relationship with Colin was seemingly perfect as the couple rarely, if ever, fought at all. However, Sofia did not approve of Colin's decision to sign up for Sigmund Corporation's service due to her philosophy that one must try to make peace with the life that one has lived, especially since Colin was essentially about to replace it with "something make-believe". Her attitude against the company can be observed several times, especially at the beginning of the game, where she seemed rather cold toward Neil Watts and Eva Rosalene. Later on, however, she seemed to be more tolerant of them. Shortly before Colin's death, Sofia admitted that she was grateful for what Sigmund Corp was doing for Colin.


Colin Reeds[]

Colin and Sofia first met each other in a orchestra class that they were both attending. The two became friends, with Colin eventually asking Sofia out on several dates. The two were seen going to the aquarium, as well as going for a flight on Colin's personal plane. Colin eventually proposed to Sofia, which she happily accepted. For their honeymoon, the two went to Bora Bora, where Sofia taught Colin how to write in invisible ink using lemon juice. Sometime after this, Sofia gave birth to their first and only child, a son named Asher. Though Colin was nervous about being a parent, Sofia assured him that things would work out. The two would go on to raise Asher for years, until he eventually moved out. Sometime after this, the two moved into a retirement home. There, they continued living happily, often sitting at the local park and feeding the ducks. At some point, Colin begun to fall ill, leaving him bedridden. Sofia was hesitant to let Sigmund Corp alter Colin's memories, but ultimately relented. As Colin flatlined, Sofia was at his side and hugged him as he passed. At the same time, Colin's last thought before passing was of Sofia sleeping peacefully on their bed.


Asher is Sofia's son. She was shown to love him dearly, and gave the boy a fun, joyful childhood. By the time Asher was an adult, Sofia agreed with Colin on that Asher should start focusing on starting a family, as the two wanted grandchildren. Regardless, Sofia continued to love Asher unconditionally.