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This article contains plot details from Impostor Factory.

Dr. Rosalene
"But to stay as long as one wants, for as long as one can stay...
... That's the most anybody could ask of anybody else."

The Bestest Dancers is a digital comic by Freebird Games. It was illustrated by Del and written by Kan Gao and Del. It was released on Steam as a paid downloadable content of Impostor Factory along with the game's release on September 30th, 2021.[1]


The comic consists of over 70 pages, including the cover page, bonus artwork and author notes. The contents of the books are divided into several chapters: "Sunset", "Cats", "Oneshots", "Mornings", "Paperwork", "Birthday", and the "Bonus Collection". The first six are the main comics, while "Bonus Collection" consists of past artwork of SigCorp doctors by Del. The content of the comic puts an emphasis on the relationship between Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts.


"Sunset" is a continuation of the ending of Impostor Factory, as Eva Rosalene, Roxanne Winters, and Robert Lin ask Neil Watts to come with them. Neil refuses at first, then changes his mind when Eva attempts to convince him to come along. In the car, Neil notices that Eva seems to be lost in her thoughts. After Roxie drives in circles several times, they finally stop at a mall, where they shop for a while. As time nears sunset, they go to the patio restaurant to have dinner. Roxie and Rob go to order food, leaving Eva and Neil alone.

Eva's thoughts are revealed to be the call she received from Roxie in the Impostor Factory joke trailer: Roxie had informed her about Neil's genetic disease, which was revealed in the game. She begins to ask Neil about his retirement plans, but he dodges the question. Eva reveals her own plan, which was to tend to a garden, and she mentions that she might need help with it. When Neil tries to dismiss her question once more, Eva decides to let him know that Roxie told her about his health.

While initially surprised, Neil turns annoyed and remarks that he doesn't need sympathy, but Eva cuts him and says that he was no different from anyone else as no one could live forever. She clarifies that the most anybody could ask of anybody else was for them to stay as long as one wants, for as long as one can stay. Neil asks her if that was what she was asking of him. Eva falls silent and looks away. Slowly, Neil takes off his glasses and says yes; he would stay in her garden for as long as she wanted and for as long as he could.