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The Cliff is the first location encountered in To the Moon. It is home to the Wyles' Cliff House and the Lighthouse. The game starts with title screen showing the lighthouse under a full moon.

Main Story[]

The game begins when Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts arrived in this area and crashed their company's car to the tree near the cliff entrance. They were arguing about the crash for quite some time, before they went to the house on the top of the cliff to see the patient.

They were greeted by Lily Quinn, the caretaker of the house, when arrived. In his bedroom, Johnny Wyles is in some sort of comma and the doctor says that he could not stay more than one or two days. But that is enough time for Eva and Neil to perform their job. Their job is later explained as fulfilling the patient's wish before their death using Memory Editor.

When Eva or Neil search for clues about who Johnny is and his identity, they will encounter many Paper Rabbit in this area. Later in the game, the rabbit will be a clue about Johnny's childhood and River's subtle message about their first meeting.

The second half of Johnny's life memories will be about this cliff and fulfilling River Wyles's wish to build a house near the Lighthouse.


The cliff is located on the coastline in the countryside. The lower part of the cliff where the lighthouse is located is mostly rocky, while the higher part where the house resides is completely covered in grass, excluding the footpath. The cliff has several water streams. Various types of trees and flowers constitute the vegetation. As for the wildlife, birds and squirrels can be seen quite often. Other than Wyles’ house, there is no other known residence.


There are 5 different areas in this location.


The Cliff-Roadside.png
This place is the southernmost area of the cliff. It is where Eva and Neil crash the company car to a tree early in the game after running over the squirrel. It reappears later in Johnny's memory of his and River's wedding reception, where the roadkill memento can be found.

This area is connected to the route to lighthouse on the top left and the route to the cliff house on the top right.

Route to Lighthouse[]

The Cliff-Route To Lighthouse.png
This area is located on the western side of the cliff. This is where the RPG battle screen with the squirrel appears early in the game. It would reappear multiple times in Johnny's memories which feature the lighthouse, most notably the wedding memory, as the area where the guests sit around and enjoy food.

This area is connected to the roadside at the south and to the lighthouse at the north.

Lighthouse Area[]

The Cliff-Lighthouse Area.png
This is the place where the Lighthouse can be accessed. It is the location of River's grave, and at the end of the game, Johnny would also be buried here. It appears multiple times in Johnny's memories: among the occurrences, he mourned on top of River's grave in the rain after the cliff house was finished; this is also where he and River made their marriage vows as well as name the lighthouse "Anya".

This area is connected to the route to lighthouse at the south.

Route to Wyles' Cliff House[]

The Cliff-Route To Wyles.png
This area is located just south of the cliff house. At the beginning of the game, Eva and Neil find a beach ball blocking their path up in this area. Near the end of Act 2, Eva investigates Neil about his painkillers here if she finds out about them. This area doesn't appear in Johnny's memories.

This area is connected to the roadside at the south and to the cliff house at the north.

Cliff House Area[]

Wyles Cliff House.png
This area is where the Wyles' Cliff House can be accessed, and it is the highest area on the cliff. To the left of the house, there is a path to a cliff edge which overlooks the lighthouse. Various flowers and trees grow here, and there is a pond in front of the house.

This area is connected to the route to lighthouse at the south.


  • The route to the cliff house features many tall columns which look like trees; however, their cross-sections indicate that they aren't. It is unknown what these tall columns are supposed to be.