The purpose of this page is to provide a place that people can recruit other wikians to help with large projects on the site. If there is an idea that you have and would like to propose, please use the comment section below this page to discuss your idea, before starting on it.

Current Situation Edit

This wiki has not been maintained for quite some time and the articles on this wiki is not containing all of the information provided by To The Moon, Sigmund Minisode 1, Sigmund Minisode 2 and A Bird Story games. Any help needed to provide better and more information to this wiki.

Short-term Target Edit

Personally, I want to make this wiki in great shape before Finding Paradise came out and the target is amke this wiki included in Wikia Games footer list. So we can draw attention from other RPG communities to play this game and contributing in this wiki.

Ongoing ProjectsEdit

Creating Pages Edit

The wiki only has around 30 article pages - that's far below the amount needed to properly document the Sigmund Corp. series. If you have information for a page that is not currently on the wiki, please create it.

Pages Needed Edit

Adding Information Edit

Most of the wiki's pages are missing information - for example, almost all character pages are missing the "History" section in its entirety. The wiki needs these to be filled out with sourced information.

Missing Information Edit

  • John Wyles' Life Timeline
  • History of Neil
  • History of Eva
  • River's Life Timeline
  • And some other character that page not even created yet
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