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Hi there, welcome to my page!
NOTICE: I am only semi-active since I'm focusing on college stuff right now. I do get notified when there are page changes, and my contact details are available below, in case you need them.
I'm Hynaft, and I am a bureaucrat and admin via adoption since August 2021. I specialize in writing and doing technical stuff like making templates. Right now I'm mostly writing because much information on this wiki is missing.

I strive to improve the wiki by cleaning up articles, removing dubious content while adding well-sourced information, and eventually establishing an editing guideline so the wiki will become as reliable as it can possibly be in providing knowledge pertaining to the Sigmund Corp. series.

I try to reach out to the community before making big changes, but most of the time there's barely any response. If you want to help improve this wiki, let me know what you think of my proposed changes, which you can check out here. Feel free to peek at my blog posts as well, where I post major wiki updates.
If you have questions or criticism regarding my edits, please post it in my message wall.
Also, if you need some help on editing, feel free to ask for my assistance.
Don't hesitate to @ me if you believe it's appropriate.
I'll try to respond promptly to all posts. Thanks!

You can communicate with me through these contacts.
E-mail: | Discord: Hynaft#3486

N.B. Sorry if I respond late on Discord as it is my secondary account -- though I will try my best to be more active there. If there is an emergency, you can write to me via email or on my message wall.