To The Moon Wiki

(Last updated on February 15th, 2022)

Heya! If you're interested in editing the wiki, do make sure you've read these guidelines thoroughly. This wiki is in need of sustained editing and hopefully this guide can help new editors to contribute.

In general

  • Use your common sense. If you believe the content is appropriate, then go ahead and add it!
  • Add everything you know. This wiki lacks a lot of content right now (especially the Locations and IF info) and that needs to change. You don't have to add comprehensive histories or in-depth analysis about character personalities, even summaries or bits of information could really help readers enjoy the site. A wiki is the work of a community, it isn't conjured overnight by a solo author.
  • Of course, you should follow Fandom's terms of use. Below are some important points from the User Conduct section:
    • Be nice.
    • No obscene or unsolicited content (spam/advertisement).
    • Use copyrighted content properly. You can add:
      • in-game sprites and promotional artwork,[1]
      • any work with permission from the author (including, of course, your own work),
      • anything which is licensed under CC-BY-SA, as long as you attribute the author(s) (e.g. Wikipedia content and content from other Fandoms).
    • No impersonating other users.
    • No scamming or blackmailing other users.
    • Obey the laws of your jurisdictions.

Creating a new article

Before making a new article, here is some stuff you need to clear before proceeding:

  • Make sure the article is relevant to the wiki, i.e. it details content from the Sigmund Corp. series.
  • Make sure the article doesn't exist yet. If the content is part of another article but you think it should be moved, discuss moving the content in the comments section or talk page, or @ an admin (i.e. me.)

When you've finished writing the article, don't forget to add the relevant categories to it.

Adding content to an article

When adding content to an article:

  • Add proper references. If it's a specific event/dialogue from one of the games, make it clear where in the series it is shown. If it's not in the series but is deemed canon by Freebird, cite the sources. If you don't add references to your content, it might get removed.
  • No fan theories, unless it's heavily implied in the story (e.g. the reason Johnny wouldn't learn more about River's condition, and even then you must specify that it is a speculation).
    • If you want to discuss theories, you may use the forum, the comments section, or head over to the To the Moon Theory Wiki and add your theory there.
  • When done editing, briefly describe the changes you made in the edit summary. This would help other editors review a page's edit history.

Uploading files

When uploading a file:

  • Make sure a similar file doesn't exist yet. If a similar file already exists but yours have a better quality, upload a new version on that file's page instead.
  • Name it properly. A good file name should tell you what image it is without having to look at the image. For instance, if it's a screenshot of the Bridge from TtM, then name it "Bridge screenshot". Or if it's of the giraffe pattern sock from FP, name it "Giraffe pattern sock". In general, avoid names that are generic or confusing.
    • Abbreviations are okay to use in file names as long as you're sure other editors will understand what it means, e.g. IF for Impostor Factory. Use proper caps for abbreviations.

Thanks for reading all of this, and happy editing! Let me know if you have any suggestions.


  1. Allowed by author's permission (refer to this Twitter thread).