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Hi everyone! I created a new template for spoilers, which is called... (drumroll) the Collapsible template. Yeah, the name's kinda dumb and I might redirect it to the Spoiler template page instead, which would probably be moved to a new hatnote template if that happens.

Here's a demo! (click [Expand] to show)
It's not perfect right now - if you want to hide for example just someone's name in a paragraph, it's currently not possible without concealing the entire paragraph. Might try to figure out a separate template for that but I currently don't have much time. Also, for some reason, the template just sticks together with the next paragraph unless you add an extra line underneath it in the source editor.

The small text (click [Expand] to show) is automatically shown there. The title text is also automatically set in bold and underlined. All you have to add is the title and the body text like below:

{{Collapsible|Title text|Body text, paragraphs may be separated by <br> tags}}

Let me know what you think or if you have any improvement ideas. So far I've found it very useful to conceal major spoilers from IF.